The evolution of technology has certainly helped to stabilize and improve the quality of many systems. Digitalization has reduced the risk element that analog systems encounter the most. Many organization has preferred digitizing their data to increase their performance and to minimize the possibility of error. By the advent of technology, the medical field seems more stabilized. The introduction of automation in the medical industry has actually improved their performance and machines have helped to save more lives than before.

Most of the medical cables assemblies are designed and manufactured on the basis that they could be used and disposed of easily. However, other medical cables are there which are designed to be re-useable according to the requirements of its applications.

Following are some of the most used medical cable assemblies mentioned below.

     1. Disposable and Reusable Spo2 SensorsMedical Cable Assemblies

SpO2 sensors are used widely in the medical cables assemblies. This allows calculating the amount of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. Disposable SpO2 sensors offer great performance but generate waste. Its reusability allows to reuse the disposable sensors and it allows to low environmental effect.

     2. Spo2 Extension Cables

Medical Cable Assemblies 02Short Spo2 extension cables are designed and manufactured in such a way that are compatible with all major bedside patient monitoring systems. These extensions cables provide the luxury to fill the distance between the patient and the monitoring system.

     3. ECG and EKG Cables

Electrocardiograph also knew as ECG is actually a device that helps to monitor the heartbeat. Heartbeat signals are converted into electrical pulses and are drawn in a continuous signal. This monitoring device has cables having an electrode on its end. This electrode converts the heartbeat signal into an electrical pulse which is then shown on the ECG Monitor.

     4. Temperature ProbeMedical Cable Assemblies 03

It is essential that the medical devices show absolute readings. These medical devices are small and compact in its size so the temperature can disturb its measurement and performance. So, temperature probes are used to keep a keen eye on the ambient temperature of the medical device.

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