Harnesses which are being used in medical technology needs to be extremely biocompatible and environment safe. It should be extremely skin compatible medical cable with ultra-soft outer sheath. For the market of medical devices the first priority is to develop medical cables that support biocompatible cable compounds. Harnesses must include besides the basic version with high notch- and tear resistance, a material for ultra-flexible and smooth cables. Medical industry is a so diversified field, dealing with a lot of medical devices with different functionality. Following is a list of Harnesses which are used in the manufacturing of these medical cable assemblies.

Robot Cables

Medical Cable AssembliesSurgery robot systems have the demand of high mechanic requirements as well as million cycles of torsional and bending movements. To fulfil these high requirements the products must fulfil our in-house test systems regarding performance and durability. The combination of different insulation and sheath materials allows the use of various disinfectants and cleaning substances up to autoclave ability and clean-room application.

Medical Cable Assemblies 02Dental technology

The performance demands of dental technology ranges from flexible and smooth silicone cables in handheld applications and torsional stress at swivel arms to miniaturized connection cables. Due to the wide range of material combinations, we fulfil your demands at the highest level.

Medical Cable Assemblies 03Sterilization and disinfection

For the application of sterilization and disinfection, we produce connection medical cables and products for temperature measurement. The often used PT100/PT1000 and NTC sensors are manufactured with highest precision. Steam tight versions are possible as well as autoclave able connection cables, even with international standards.

Imaging Techniques

Medical Cable Assemblies 04Imaging systems for medical diagnostic require a reliable connection of transmission. The custom-made solution becomes particularly clear in the innovative realization of your application. Whether hybrid cables with COAX-elements or special electrical screened products with high flexible performance – often we are already able to produce for a quantity of 100 m.

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