Measurement and Control CablesUltrasound cables and cable systems are required to pass strict standards in terms of image resolution and mobility. These ultrasound cables are user-friendly cables that are highly flexible and boast very good EMC properties.

Cabling projects in industrial applications, in the test shop or in automation environments pose substantial challenges. System availability is of particular importance in production. Correspondingly, requirements are significantly higher than, for example, in office environments. The cables as well as the matching connectors for such applications not only need to be particularly robust, they also must have excellent transmission properties. In addition, ultrasonic round cables are small in diameter and have a long cable life. There are two sub-categories for ultrasonic cables.

  • Measurement Cables and Control Cables

Measurement and Control Cables 02Measurement cables and control cables serves a great deal in providing the connection between the sensor and amplifier for excitation voltage and measurement signals. In medical equipment, improper measurement cables could result in erroneous measurements caused by interference noise. Medical devices must attain a standardized and customized individual measurement and control cables for specific applications that are secured against external interference factors through effective shielding and insulation.

  • Properties of Measurement and Control Cables

Following are some of the important properties of measurement and control cables.

  1. Low noise, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and antimagnetic shielding
  2. High flexibility
  3. Resistant to abrasion, tensile, and compression forces as well as oil and chemicals
  4. Skin-friendly and biocompatible
  5. Excellent EMC properties
  6. Pin-to-pin pre-assembly

Measurement and Control Cables 03Applications of Measurement and Control Cables

Many industrial applications are manufactured using measurement and control cables within itself. However, there are certain medical applications which use these measurement and control cables along with other types of custom cables and assemblies, including antimicrobial cables, high-performance flat cables, hybrid cables, fiber optic cables, space-saving miniature cables, cable harnesses for a variety of medical imaging systems and treatment systems.

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