MCX (micro coaxial) connector is a coaxial Radio Frequency connector developed in the 1980s. They have the identical inner contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB (Subminiature Version B) connector but are 30 percent smaller than SMB connectors. MCX was standardized by European CECC 22220.

Connector generally use a Snap-On interface and have an impedance of 50 Ω and some are available with 75 Ω for impedance matching within the network and have operating voltage in the range 335Vrms. They provide broadband capability from DC to 6 GHz. Contact surfaces of connectors are Gold Plated. The outer diameter of the plug is approximately 3.6 mm or 0.140 inch.

MCX ConnectorMCX connector is used on the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station’s (AAEB) external antenna port and also requires an adapter for most antennas sometimes. MCX and the smaller MMCX (Micro Miniature Coaxial) connector are frequently used to connect external antennas to GPS receivers for tracking purposes and are also common on USB DVB-T tuners for laptops and computers, to connect an external antenna to the tuner for better signal reception. MCX Connector with impedance is shown below:

Some very common applications of MCX Connector in various fields are listed below:

Automotive Industry: GPS

Defense: GPS and Hand held Field device

Telecommunication: GPS tracking, Navigation and positioning devices, Wireless base station, WLAN and Telecommunication Networks

Smartphones and Mobile Devices: GPS, External Antenna Port

Industrial: Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication

Consumer: GPS, HDTV and Wireless TV and Audio

Communication/ Data: Wireless LAN, PAN (for Bluetooth) and WAN

Medical: Telemetry

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