The cables that we use in our daily life undergoes a very tedious and competitive procedure in their manufacturing. Most companies make each individual component for manufacturing cable by their own and some of them outsource different components. The process comprises of a detailed analysis of the customer’s requirement, and arrangement of the best possible resources for the product.

Manufacturing cable needs a clear display of the requirements which are needed. The preparation involves deciding the conductor’s type, diameter, strength, shape and its size and its suitable connectors. In mechanical stripping process, neither the conductor twist pattern is disturbed nor any mechanical stress is applied on the cable insulation. In multiconductor cable, all the parts like outer insulation, inner core, and the conductor are submerged in a way that they could easily be separated again. However, in the ribbon cable, the conductor is in normal and planer orientation.    

Most of the companies uses these following procedures in cable manufacturing

  • Injection Molding

Most of the times cables are manufactured using injection molding. The process in which the outer layer of the cable and the connections of the cables are usually molded with the cable assembly. Molten PVC plastic is added to the mold where the temperature of the plastic cools down and it changes its state from molten liquid to hard solid.

  • Encapsulation

Encapsulation is a process in which the electrically conducting part of the cable is encapsulated in a stainless steel and nickel alloy to protect the signal transmission from high pressure and corrosive effect. These cables are manufactured to overcome harsh environmental conditions.  

  • Lean Manufacturing

manufacturing-cableThe lean manufacturing system is a very productive way for cable manufacturing. It helps to reuse the waste material of the production system in reproducing the same quality product. A clear representation of lean manufacturing can be seen in the diagram. (Figure 1)


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