LMR Cables are the latest advent in the RF Coax cables.Designed by & manufactured by Times Microwave Systems founded in 1948 as Times Wire and Cable Company that manufactures wide selection of wires and cables especially for the defense, commercial RF & microwave systems.LMR cable assemblies are used as transmission lines for antennas transmitters & receivers on missiles, airplanes, ships, satellites, and industrial and military ground communications. Also as test leads for RF instrumentations & controls.LMR cables are a replacement for corrugated feeder cables assemblies and jumpers as they provide extra flexibility, ease of installations and lower cost of implementations.LMR cables surpassed the aging RG cables in flexibility, installations, RF shielding and low loss performance.LMR RF coax cables are used in any demanding RF applications for high performance.LMR cables are available in a full range of sizes from 0.100 inch (LMR-100) to 1.70 inches (LMR-1700). The LMR cable numbers are as follows:
LMR-100A; LMR-195; LMR-200; LMR-240; LMR-300; LMR-400; LMR-600; LMR-900; LMR-1200; & LMR-1700


LMR cables used unique design features that includes the following:

Closed cell, high velocity, low loss Polyethylene foam dielectric insulator to prevent breakdown in extreme environment and aging.

Aluminum foil tape bonded directly to the insulator that provides excellent shielding >90 dB, also it acts as a weather and moisture shield.

Tinned copper outer braid for grounding and connector retention

Heavy duty UV & weather resistant Polyethylene outer jacket to guarantee a twenty years life span.

There are many types of LMR cables:

  • LMR Standard LMR cable
  • LMR-Lite cables uses aluminum braid that weighs less & cost less than copper
  • LMR-FR fire retardant non-halogen, low smoke cable
  • LMR-LLPL highly fire retardant low loss plenum, cable, available in the following configuration: from 0.195 inch to 1.20 inches . The LMR cable numbers are as follows :
    LMR-195-LLPL; LMR-200-LLPL; LMR-240-LLPL; LMR-300-LLPL; LMR-400-LLPL; LMR-600-LLPL; LMR-900-LLPL & LMR-1200-LLPL.
  • LMR-DB direct burial flood resistant & watertight cable
  • LMR-UF ultra flex cable utilizing stranded center conductor & highly flexible jacket, available in the following sizes and part numbers ony:
    LMR-195-UF; LMR-200-UF; LMR-240-UF; LMR-300-UF; LMR-400-UF; LMR-500-UF & LMR-600-UF.
  • LMR-75 is a 75 Ohm instead of the 50 Ohm standard LMR cable
  • LMR cables are an enhanced upgrade for the RG cables such as:
  • LMR-400 is an upgrade for RG213/214 & Belden 9913
  • LMR-100A is an upgrade for RG174 coax cable
  • LMR-195 and LMR 200 are an upgrade for a typical RG58 coax cable
  • LMR-240 is an upgrade for RG8-X

Although LMR cables cost a little bit more than any competitive coax cables for many good reasons: better VSWR, higher RF shielding, less noise interference, extra flexibility and above all higher performance and longer life duration in an extreme weather conditions.


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