Information System Robots CablesPUR welding cables

PUR welding cables are, because of their high temperature resistance and versatility, especially appropriate for use on robots. These cables serve as monitoring for hearth alarm, short-circuit, and fault message and forward this statistics to an alarming and control unit.

PUR manipulate cables

PUR control cables are, based totally on their robust however incredibly flexible outer sheath, specifically appropriate for the utility on robots. The ones manage cables may be used at high mechanical load and are oil and chemical resistant.

Regulated voltage cables

Regulated voltage cables are carried out in dress applications of robots for steady voltage regulation. They are connected with the welding gun of the robotic and modify a constant electrical supply that the high-quality of the weld is continually same excessive. Utility fields of these robots are e.g. automobile enterprise, automation, and plane construction.

PVC Data cables

Data cables are used for the transmission of measuring, control and voice alerts in electronic manage home equipment, in electronics of facts processing systems, for paging and intercom structures, weighing installations, workplace machines, etc. the cables can be used for constant installations and bendy packages with free movement, without tensile load and robotically guided motion in dry, damp and wet rooms. PVC Data cables aren’t appropriate for outdoor use.

FEP insulated coaxial cables

Exemplary programs of the coaxial cables are high broadband transmission telecommunication e. g. mobile telephones and business communication.

RG 179 FEP is an excessive temperature coaxial cable with a fantastic resistance to chemical compounds and solvents. This coaxial cable is suitable for attenuation bad and distortion less transmission of alerts referring to RG 179 (75 ω impedance). Its miles appropriate for a large band transmission.

RG 316 FEP is a FEP insulated coaxial cable with TPE outer jacket acc. to RG 316 (50 ω impedance). The TPE outer sheath is mainly used in which plugs are tight encapsulated.

Business Ethernet cables profinet

Business Ethernet is a quick developing community generation. Ethernet with the global time-honoured TCP/IP (transmission manipulate protocol/net protocol) might be the future connection to the nicely mounted discipline bus or sensor/ actuator stage. Usually, the subsequent transmission costs are divided into:

Shared Ethernet = 10 MBIT/S

Rapid Ethernet = a hundred MBIT/S (cat 5 necessities)

Gigabit Ethernet = 1000 MBIT/S (1 GBIT/S)

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