What is a standard?

Something considered by an authority or general consent as a basis comparison, an accepted or approved example of something against which others are judged or measured is known as standard.

Standards must:

  • Show correlation to design for manufacturability and design for the environment
  • Minimize tone to market
  • Just include specification information
  • Focus on end product performance
  • Include a feedback system on use and problem of future improvement


What is Cable Assembly?

Cable assemblies are collection of wires or cables lined into a single unit with connectors. Cable assemblies are used to link various types of equipments. The connectors and wire arrangements are very specific depending on the relevance.


 Standards for Cable Assemblies:

Level standards for different types of cables are defined by different organizations to meet excellence, safety and efficiency measures according to its practical applications. The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from because there are many organizations worldwide which defines different standards for manufacturing of Cables.

 Some of them are:

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According to the worldwide safety consulting and certification companies the level of standards for cables assemblies are divided into following categories:


Material Standards:

Manufacturing of a cable must be according to the defined standard of material of that cable so that it can work efficiently.

Dimensional Standards:

Dimensions of cable also be according to the defined standards of ASTM, UV and CESA.

Construction Standards:

There are also defined construction standards for cables which must be obeyed by the manufacturing company for Good output.

Product Standards:

Manufacturing of cable must be product centric.

Performance Standards:

After the manufacturing it is very important to test the performance of Cable under defined manufacturing standards before launching in market and to check that either their cables meet the defined standards or not.

Safety Standards:

This is very important for a manufacturer that his manufactured cable must be safe for user. Safety standards are also defined by all organizations and it must be fulfilled by the manufacturer.

Flammability Standards:

Flammability standards are also defined by ATM, UC, and CESA to avoid sparking and burning.

Customer Standards:

It must be kept in mind while manufacturing that must be according to the customer’s requirements.



In short, Cable assembly standards are very important as they make sure that the companies manufacture good quality products and customers should get a reliable product with a proper feedback system to improve the products and help in the development of cable assemblies. If we are cable assembly manufacturer, we should get our product certified with these institutes. If we are customer of cable assembly, we should check whether the product we are buying complies with the cable assembly standards or not?


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