Technology evolution in every industry has made it more susceptive towards high-speed data transmission. The rise in digitalization in medical fields has helped to emerge all of the other fields. This transmission is made possible due to the high data rate computation. These devices and such computations have certainly outclassed electrical, medical, space and telecommunication fields.

High Data Transmission Standards

The transmission of data at high rate could only be possible due to high data rate cable assemblies. These high data cable assemblies are based on different standards: IEEE1394b, Fiber Channel, Ethernet and Space Wire. They are able to resist high level of shock and vibration. High data interconnects can be terminated with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors. The range for high data rate cable assemblies could be designed at approximately up to 40 GB/s.

Following are the list of the high data rate cable assemblies which are being used in the industry in different applications.High Data Rate Cable Assemblies

  • Ethernet Assemblies

Ethernet cable assemblies is one of the most abundantly using cables assemblies for high-speed data rate communication. It has already made its mark in the field of networking and telecommunication. It has the ability to adapt High levels of shock, vibration and mechanical impact protection. It also have very good electrical and EMI performance.

  • IEEE1394 LinksHigh Data Rate Cable Assemblies 02

High speed interconnects and cable assemblies based on the IEEE1394 standard for spacecraft communication network. The cabling has been optimised in order to reduce the mismatching and crosstalk between lines at the maximum. It has the ability to transmit high data at the rate of 800 Mb/s. Provides good EMI performance and has the ability to absorb a temperature range of -90°C / + 200°C.

  • Space Wire LinksHigh Data Rate Cable Assemblies 03

These developed cables and connectors for Space Wire interconnects, allowing reliable transmission of data at high speed (between 2 Mb/s and 400 Mb/s) between onboard devices in spacecraft.

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