Heat shrink tubing commonly as heat shrink or heat shrink is a shrinkable plastic tube made to use for insulate wires, providing environmental protection and abrasion resistance for stranded and solid wire conductors, joints, connections, and terminals in an electrical work. It is also used to bundle them together or repair the insulation on wires, to protect wires or small parts from leakage minor abrasion, and to create cable entry seals, providing environmental sealing protection. Heat shrink tubing is mainly made up of nylon or polyolefin, that shrinks radially and not longitudinally when heated about one half and one sixth of its diameter.

Heat-shrink tubing is manufactured in a multitude of ranges and chemical makeups with the exact arrangement and configuration of each type which is being dependent on the requisite application. From microscopic point of view, thin wall tubing to rigid, heavy wall tubing with each type has its own precise design and chemical additives which makes it suitable for meeting a of wide variety of environmental demands. Heat shrink tubing is normally rated by its expansion ratio which is a comparison of the differences in expansion and recovery rate.


  • Heat shrink tubingis used to seal dust and water out of cables and cable splices. It is best for defending home theater and personal computing connections from moisture present in air.
  • Great heat and contact with chemicals can damage cables. Flame reduction heat shrink tubingis used to insulate wires of a boat or car’s electrical system.
  • Cables from personal computer or home theater are often overwrought due to tight quarters and insufficient length. Appropriate use of these cables with heat shrink tubingcan relieve strain and prolonging their life span.
  • Heat shrink tubingcan be shrunk to fit your tool handles provides new grips. For a long lasting grip, adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is used.

Heat Shrinking Tube

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