Flexible Flat Cable also known as “FFC”, these cables refers to a cable having flat and flexible characteristics. Such cables are majorly used for data transmission and falls under the categories of transmitting signals among different integrated parts of a system. These flexible flat cables has introduced a new type of electronics called “flexible electronics”.

Flexible Flat CableFlexible electronics is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting devices on flexible plastic substrates. It has the ability to get installed easily even in difficult patches in between a system. Major revolution in the flexible electronics is due to flexible flat cables. The reason behind this is that these cables are very thin, flat and are often found in high-density electronics applications. It is abundantly used in high-speed transmission electronics.

Flexible Flat Cable 02Flexible Flat Cables are usually straight connections without any components etched on it. Flat cables with round pins can be soldered or inserted to achieve board to board interconnections. The termination of Flat Flexible Cables is made either with:

     1) ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) / LIF (Low Insertion Force) connectors.

     2) The cables are equipped with reinforcement tape or by soldering, to strengthen its ends.

Medical Diagnostic Applications

The range of automated medical diagnostic applications is increased by the introduction of flexible flat cables in medical applications. Flexible Flat cables are 100% contaminant free and the unique crystal-clear, its rubber jacket allows for quick, easy and safe inspection of the entire flat cable.

Medical Clinical Applications

In addition to every type of electrical conductor, the flat flexible cables can also include single and multi-lumen tubing for air or liquid transfer, all in the same cable, making them an ideal solution for Automated Clinical Diagnostics.Flexible Flat Cable 03

Medical Automated Applications

Following are the medical processes in which medical automated applications plays a vital role. Blood Screening, Microbiology Specimen Transfer, DNA Sequencing, Cell Imaging and Immunoassay Analyzing Systems.

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