Flexible Cable AssembliesElectronic applications can be of different types. It can range from being very small to very large. But one thing among these applications is very common is Cable Assemblies. To get the machine working according to its full potential it is essential that the flow of information among the electronic components remain free from hindrance.

Flexible Cable Assemblies has the potential to transmit signals ranging from microwave to electromagnetic signals. This is the reason that the flexible cable assemblies are abundant in electronic communication.

Manufacturing of Flexible Cable AssembliesFlexible Cable Assemblies 02

Manufacturing the Flexible Cable Assemblies involves ultra-low density of dielectric, proper shielding, the minimum gap between the conductor and the insulating material. Signal transmission is not totally dependent on the cable quality that is being manufactured. Cable Assembly must integrate properly with the connectors to sustain minimum power loss during signal transmission.

Following are some of the important characteristics of these flexible cable assemblies.

Smaller in Size

These specific cables are smaller in size and flexible in its type. These cables are designed to offer high electrical performance in the smallest possible package. The cables have smaller sizes due to which the possibility of attenuation also decreases.Flexible Cable Assemblies 03

 Less Attenuation

These flexible cable assemblies have enhanced mechanical durability without sacrificing any conductor, insertion loss, phase stability or any return losses like VSWR. The biggest advantage of using these cables is that these flexible cable assemblies are compatible with almost every electronic design.

 External Armour

The external armour of these flexible cable assemblies is an added advantage in the cable sustainability. The external armour increases the total diameter of the cable assembly but it also increases the time period over which the wire remains sustainable. Even when the wire is prone to get damaged due to the environment, the armour keeps it safe.


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