Flat Cables are the cables abundantly used in different industries from aerospace and telecommunication to medical field and in the manufacturing of its apparatus. These flat cables are flexible, easy to install due to which it has become a fundamental part of all the electronics. The reason of being one of the most highly used cable among the electronics behind the medical apparatus is because it is smaller, thinner and suffices the rising demand of the society.

Flat Cables Usage in Medical ApparatusThe early ribbon cables were used in the mainframe computer industry, on card readers, card punching machines, and tape machines whilst now they are used in automation gadgets, medical displays, LCD flat panels, printing and plasma display panels. These flat cables were abundantly used in the manufacturing of computers, printers and many mainstream electronics devices.


A flat cable or a ribbon cable is formed with many conducting wires which are running parallel to each other in a flat plane. The single cable has multiple wires injected on a same plane insulated in such a way Flat Cables Usage in Medical Apparatus 02that every wire is cable of having its own different data transmission. The cable formed become wide and flat. However, because all of the cable was subjected to have similar dimension and shape sometimes it was difficult to understand which side is the transmitting end and which is the receiving end.

Color Coding

To eliminate the risk of plotting reverse connections, which could possibly damage the peripheral communicating using the cable. Color coding was introduced for this type of cabling. Usually, a single edge of the cable was marked with a red strip. The edge of this strip was connected to pin 1 of the connector. This convention helped to eliminate the reversed connection issues.

Types of Flat Cables

Flat Cables Usage in Medical Apparatus 03Following are the different types of flat cables which are used:

  • Flexx-Sil,
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE),
  • Molded Flat Cables
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