Flat Cable AssembliesToday, the pervasiveness of interconnect cables runs through virtually every facet of technology. There are countless types of cables for countless applications. Even though the wireless revolution explodes with its mantra of tether less interconnect, it is far from universal in many industries. In some segments, such as medical device/patient interconnects, cables are the only solution and the tether is still king. As well, medical cables are held to a higher standard when it comes to electrical specifications and patient safety. While cables aren’t necessarily the most glamorous element of today’s medical technology, without a doubt they are still critical and very significant components of medical devices.

Electrical Cables

Modern cables do not vary from their earlier counterparts in one basic aspect. In the end, they still have only two fundamental components: conductors and insulators. However, modern, high-tech designs of cables include multiple elements of these components as well as special constructs such as air, water, vacuum, suction reinforcing elements and drain wires, as well as others, within the “cable” assembly. These are used to enhance medical cables and ensure that patient safety and cable reliability are maintained as well as enable a diverse application base.

Flat Cable Assemblies 02Flat Cables

Flexible Flat Cables provide absolute reliability and uninterrupted operation when utilized in Automated Medical Diagnostic Applications. In addition, the Class 1 Clean Room Rated cables are 100% contaminant free and the unique crystal-clear, rubber jacket allows for quick, easy and safe inspection of the entire flat cable.

Medical Applications

Flat Cable Assemblies 03One-piece design can incorporate any variety of data, power and video conductors in a single, compact flat cable profile. In addition to every type of electrical conductor, the cables can also include single and multi-lumen tubing for air or liquid transfer, all in the same cable, making them an ideal solution for Automated Clinical Diagnostics, Blood Screening, Microbiology Specimen Transfer, DNA Sequencing, Cell Imaging and Immunoassay Analyzing Systems.

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