fire-wiresTheoretical definition of wires manifests that these are thin metal threads covered with insulation and are used to convey or receive electrical signals. But when it comes to fire wires, things turns to future technology. Every device needs to connect with P.C for transmission of data, for this purpose USB was used first, now to replace these USB wires,  fire wires are introduced.     

If we look back from where the use of fire wires were started, we come to know that the concept exactly emerges in late 1980’s for economic high speed connection, but didn’t commercially accepted then. Still it was used by many companies Apple, Sony etc. and eventually get authorized in 1995.

fire-wires-02Why are we calling “fire wires” a future technology? To answer this question, we need to compare it with USB standards. The speed to transfer data is the significant feature of fire wire. The first version of USB that is USB1.0 could only be able to acquire speed of 12Mbps, considering the basic standard of fire wire by leaving the USB far away, it lead the speed of data transferring up to 400Mbps for high quality video output, these fire wire cables are up to 4.5 meters long with two types of connectors. 4-pin connectors are found in camcorders or video devices while 6-pin connectors are present in computers Equipments.                 

When USB2.0 arrived along with better speed of 480Mbps, fire wires made its way to better storage and speed with “Fire wire800” of about 800Mbps, this could be considered as future technology either as no other device provides that much connectivity speed. Fire wire 800 has 9 pins and it is equally congruent with 4 and 6 pins connector. There are several cables available with one 9 pin and other 4 or 6 pin connector and some cables with both 9 pin to 9 pin connectors. The 9-pin Fire wire 800 port is competent of operating at 100, 200, 400 and 800 Mbps, depending on the device to which it is connected.  

Although there are certain limitations for the use of fire wires. For its proper use, fire wires requires some cables and cards as an extra accessories. Computers developed back in 10 years do not support fire wires connectivity. Moreover every device that supports fire wire would definitely support USB as well. By being a future technology and prior choice of professionals, as it transfer huge and heavy files with tremendous speed these limitations would soon be overcome as well.

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