Fiber optic technology is opening exciting new fields of application in the medical industry. The physical characteristics of fiber make it a natural choice for many uses. Optical fiber has become widely used in imaging, laser delivery systems, illumination, sensors, and equipment interconnects. Optical fibers provide a compact and flexible conduit for light or data delivery in diagnostic and interventional medical applications. In order to be effective, optical fibers require robust, precise interconnects that integrate seamlessly into the medical theater. Diamond has the expertise to make these interconnects a reality.

Fiber Optics Applications

Fiber optic solutions applicable for several medical sectors, such as Illumination, image transfer, diagnostic devices, surgical instrumentation, therapeutic applications, and laser signal delivery, sensor, and equipments.

Ophthalmic surgical fiber optics probesFiber Optics

Medical device manufacturers supplying products to the Ophthalmology market face a field of medicine which places extraordinary demands on its surgeons. For these surgeons to succeed, the need for precise instruments, innovative systems, and highly effective procedures, along with surgeon training are critical.  

Endoscopic lighting applications

Endoscopic Lighting Applications, Fiber Optic Cables, Surgical Headlight Fiber Optic CablesFiber Optics 02

With the evolution of Minimally-Invasive Surgical (MIS) techniques becoming more prevalent over the past 10 years, fiber optic illumination techniques have become a critical element in assisting physicians’ in their surgical procedures. As a result, FOC has seen significant growth in the customer design requirements for endoscopic fiber optic cables and surgical headlamp lighting applications using xenon and more recently LED illumination sources.

Spinal surgery cables

Spinal Surgery Cables, Medical Cables, Fiber Optics, Fiber Optic DesignsFiber Optics 03

Whether a minimally invasive spinal procedure is anterior, posterior or lateral based upon the patient diagnosis, spinal surgery techniques continue to call for smaller incisions resulting in the need to improve lighting visibility within the surgical field. Our fiber optic designs, which encompass many different configurations used in conjunction with spinal retractor systems, continue to be implemented in many of the largest global OEM spine companies.

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