Extruded cables are one of the types of flat cables and are very useful because of their ease of setup and versatility. These flat cables are extruded in continuous lengths and they go through an automated and climate controlled process. The extruded flat cables are used in applications where there is a need of high-performance and high-flex. These type of flat cables feature high quality cable jacketing material and they allow multiple elements to join into a single one. The cables are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the environment and extreme electrical conditions.

Features of Extruded Flat Cables:

Extruded Flat Cables


The extruded flat cables are made in continuous cable lengths and are designed through a precise computer controlled method. The thickness and conductor spacing is done very accurately using advanced and high quality equipment. These cables are cured continuously and thus there is no accumulation of debris or dirt.


Due to the continuous extrusion process, the flat cables are produced as a solid and one-piece material. They are made up of high quality materials and have round radiuses on both ends which make the stronger and more flexible.


The extruded flat cables are very flexible and they have greater current carrying capabilities. This is because they have greater volume to surface ratio as compared to the round cables. The extruded flat cables offer higher efficiency and they allow greater current to flow through them. Their flexible design makes them ideal to be used in a variety of applications.

Ease of setup and handling:

Different properties of different cables can be combined to form one single extruded flat cable that can meet the need of a number of different electronic equipment. These cables are very easy to setup and since they have a compact and lightweight design, they can be installed into equipment with confined spaces.

Fine base strands:

The extruded flat cables are also characterized by fine base strands. There are mostly two, three or multiple base strands at and they are very fine. Their low profile and compactness make them easily hug each other which make them perfect to be used in small spaces and narrow areas such as those of electronic equipment.


The jacketing of extruded flat cables is very flexible and of high quality. The jacketing of these flat cables are extruded with the cable which provides greater integrity to the whole unit.

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