EMI Protected Cable AssembliesElectrical signal transmission in cable assemblies is a complex procedure. It has a sequence of steps that enlighten the possible signal strength to successfully pass through the cable assemblies. It is highly influenced by the phenomena named electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is a branch of physics involving the study of the electromagnetic force, a type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles.

Effects of EMI in cable assemblies

This property of electricity which is called electromagnetism interference is considered to be an essential part for the electric current flow in cable assemblies. It is associated with the motion of electric charges in the cable assemblies. This highly affects the signal integrity within the cable assemblies.  So, any electronic device that is under the influence of electromagnetic interference gets disturbed by its creation.  

EMI Protected Cable Assemblies 02EMI effects electrical devices in adverse ways. It affects the signal strength and signal conditioning parameters. It has the potential to cause serious damages in the communication and navigation systems. The electrical cable assemblies which are being used in medical devices must be free from electromagnetism.

EMI Influence on medical devices

The electrical cable assemblies having a greater tendency to get affected by EMI are clearly not used with the medical cable assemblies. One of the most important reason is that the EMI going through with the cable assemblies intervene inside the medical devices. This affects the medical devices in damaging their measuring capabilities. It could also make the devices to perform completely wrong instruction because of the electromagnetic interference. 

EMI effects on ECG machinesEMI Protected Cable Assemblies 03

To assess whether technological changes by medical device manufacturers have reduced the potential for clinically relevant EMI, both current generation ECG machines (MAC 5000 and MAC 1200) and a previous generation machine (ELI 100) were used in the study. Most of the ECG machines were immune to EMI and RF emission.

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