A “Surgery” from the word depicts that it is a process in which the body undergoes different types of cutting, manipulating, fixing and many other concerns. All such techniques are done using different surgical instruments. However, when all such procedures are carried using electrical instruments and laser technology such surgeries are called as electrosurgeries, and the system that carry such surgeries are called electrosurgical systems.

Mostly, electrosurgical systems are used in medical systems while operating sensitive operations e.g. in case of eye. This electrosurgical system consists of a generator and a handpiece with single or multiple electrodes. The handpiece plays the role of a switch which controls the device. Electrosurgical generators must have the tendency to generate different waveforms according to the tissues effect.

There are two types of electro-surgeries.

Bipolar ElectrosurgeryElectrosurgical System

In bipolar electrosurgery, both the active electrode and return electrode functions are performed at the site of surgery. The two tips of the forceps perform the active and return electrode functions. Only the tissue grasped in the forceps is included in the electrical circuit. Because the return function is performed by one tip of the forceps, no patient return electrode is needed.

Monopolar Electrosurgery

Electrosurgical System 02In monopolar electrosurgery, the active electrode is placed at the surgical site. The patient return electrode (also known as a ‘dispersive pad’ is placed somewhere else on the patient’s body. The current passes through the patient as it completes the circuit from the active electrode to the patient return electrode.

Following are the two important electrical cables that actually provides the reliable signal conditioning to carry such electrosurgeries using these devices.

Hybrid Cables

Electrosurgical System 03Hybrid cables provides the platform for both bipolar, monopolar resection, cut/coagulation, and hybrid designs that include irrigation/gas lines. Disposable and limited-use electrosurgical devices require design expertise that can provide an electrosurgical interconnect solution, user ergonomics, price, and performance.

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