Electromobility CablesElectro mobility marks a technological turning factor. It is time to reinvent the wheel, from design to apply – mainly in urban areas. From the start one of the driving forces in the improvement of additives for hybrid and electric cars.

Excessive voltage cables, wiring structures and components

High voltage cables and cable harnesses are used for excessive strength transmission. These special products are needed due to the fact, in automobiles and industrial motors with electric powered, hybrid or gas mobile pressure, 12 volts no longer prevail on their personal as they do in traditional cars with combustion engines. Rather, electrified powertrains contain voltages as much as one thousand, which require the cables and components to have special properties with admire to conductivity, mechanical flexibility, thermal ability and protection.

Secure charging of e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids

The cable specialist is currently concentrating on conductive charging era wherein electric cars and plug-in hybrids are supplied with power via a modern-day wearing cable. Charging cable, which serve the respective technical characteristics of the various charging alternatives.

These cables are to be had as loose bulk product and inside the form of fully assembled charging cable structures. The latter are fitted with plugs at each ends and a few even have a manage container included inside the cable that has protection and communication capabilities to constantly reveal the charging method and status. In addition, the product variety includes cord sets with united states-unique approvals, charging plugs and sockets in addition to inner wiring for charging stations. 

In car technology

AMP+ line of cables, connectors, harnesses and terminals correctly and reliably channel high- and occasional-voltage power in and around the battery and vehicle, that will help you positioned the power to the street.

Battery technologies

Connecting and defensive the battery from the interior out. Secure, reliable answers to manage the drift of energy in, out and around the %.

Charging answers

For hybrid and electric vehicles to take over the road, drivers want with the intention to extend their range at will.

Infrastructure answers

From turnkey charging answers to cables and contactors, displays to card-readers, it takes to finish the hybrid & electric automobile charging station. You simply want a container to position it in.

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