To cater with the severe environmental hazards a new era of cable assemblies started by the invention of electro-mechanical assemblies. Electro-mechanical Assemblies comprises of steel wired which is being armored heavily with plastic lined or electro-mechanical-assembliesnylon. Mostly, it is being used for the transmission of a high amount of electrical power which involves the use of nonmetallic sheave or sheave liners to avoid heating in cable assemblies. A metal sheave can actually act like a heat sink in such situation.

In the electro-mechanical assemblies, one thing which remains under special considerations is that there should be no void left in between the diameter the electro-mechanical-assemblies-02associated components along with it. Because when it has to transmit high electrical power if there is even a small void present in between the conductor and the dielectric, the conductor will most probably tend to increase its size. Certain types of non-liquid void fillers are used in the construction of electro-mechanical assemblies to make it more sustainable.

The electro-mechanical assemblies must perform the basic four functions.

  • Strength Member
    The cable must have the strength to carry the signal at any depth and height. Mostly, the cable weight is itself the greatest part of the load transmission.
  • Electrical Power
    The conductor must be able to provide a channel between the transmission and the receiving end.
  • Electrical Communicationelectro-mechanical-assemblies-03
    The cable assembly must be able to provide a communication channel in between the transmission and the receiving end.
  • Depth Measurements

One can only measure the depth of the measurements only if the cable assembly has the strength to bear the pressure of depth. The depth can only be measured by physically placing the electro-mechanical assembly inside that depth.

  • Temperature Ratings
    The temperature ratings provide the range in which the electro-mechanical assemblies can perform satisfactorily under normal operations.

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