Electricity CablesTransmission of electricity has been carried along using electrical cables since a long time. With the passage of time, there have been a lot of advancements in this area. It has been such a diversified field, that electrical cables ranges from being used from low voltages wiring up to extra high voltage. 

Overhead and underground Transmission

Now, the task of electrical energy transmission is thoroughly carried using electrical cables. Electrical cables have been the means to transfer electrical energy. This transmission of energy could be both underground and overhead. It must always be assumed that overhead and underground cables are live unless categorically proved to the contrary. So, safety should be the paramount objective while working on such projects.

Underground TransmissionElectricity Cables 02

Laying underground transmission where the routes of any such services are not definitely known or where services can be damaged by machines carrying out excavation work, the services must be uncovered by hand and supported, if necessary.

Planning cabling routes

Electrical cable plans are not completely accurate scaled drawings. It does give an indication of the line, depth, number and configuration of recorded cables in any particular area. Anyone in charge of the work on site should appreciate that the accuracy of cable plans is limited because:

  • electrical cables may be found snaked within the width of the original cable trench, even though marked as straight lines on plans;
  • cabling routes may be marked on plans relative to reference points whose position has changed since the plans were drawn;

Overhead TransmissionElectricity Cables 03

The principal hazard associated with overhead cables should never be overlook. Having identified the presence of overhead electrical cables, the following procedure should be adopted:

  • Overhead electrical services, which are a source of risk, should be requested to be switched off.
  • If it is not possible to have the service isolated, an approach should be made to the electricity authority to have the service diverted to a safe part of the site or indeed of the site altogether.
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