Electrical devices has certainly help the medical field to emerge both scientifically and adaptability of technology has reduced the amount of risk involved in the surgical procedures. Electrical monitoring is the observation which allows a patient not to get prone to a particular disease. The condition of the patient is being observed using the monitoring devices.

Electrical MonitoringElectrical monitoring devices has certainly enhanced the ability to visualize theconditions or one or several medical parameters over time. Early detection of a problem minimizes the chances of getting affected from the disease adversely and also it reduces the amount of risk involved if the disease is diagnosed after it is reached a certain stage. Electrical devices conducting medical monitoring are continuously measuring medical parameters e.g. (blood glucose monitoring, bed site monitoring).

However, electrical monitoring can be classified by the medical target parameters. Following is the list of some of its different parameters.

  • Electrical Monitoring 02Cardiac Monitoring: Cardiac electrical monitoring is also called as “Electrocardiography” (ECG or EKG). It is the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time using electrodes placed on the skin. A small monitor is attached with the device conducting “ECG” of the patient, this monitor displays the patient condition relative to cardiac rhythm.
  • Electrical Monitoring 03Hemodynamic Monitoring: Hemodynamic Monitoring measures the blood pressure inside the veins, heart, and arteries. It also measures blood flow and how much oxygen is in the blood. It is a way to see how well the heart is working. The measuring phenomena is usually carried through an inserted blood pressure transducer assembly, or noninvasively with an inflatable blood pressure cuff.
  • Respiratory Monitoring: It is important to have a proper check on Electrical Monitoring 04its respiratory intake and output. When the initial efforts of respiratory monitoring show evidence of a patient’s inability to adequately oxygenate their blood, the patient may require mechanical ventilation.
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