Electrical Cables in Medical IndustryMedical Industry comprises of major medical instruments which helps to examine, diagnose and treat the patients more efficiently and effectively. Technology has completely taken the charge to minimize the risk element that was involved during the surgery. It has also successfully developed a trust between the patient and the doctor.

Introduction of Electrical Devices

Electrical instruments and electrical devices has revolutionized the way the diagnosis was conducted before. It is to be kept in mind that precision in measurements has allowed the user to get the required treatment in the most directed way possible.

Electrical cables that are used in these devices are the basic elements for the transmission of electrical signal from sensor to monitoring screen. Structure, shielding and the materials used are crucial to the hygienic, mechanical and electrical properties of a cable.

Electrical Cables in Medical Industry 02Near Patient Applications

Electrical cables which are used in a device or near a patient – ranging from small jumper wires or a single fiber through to complex copper, fiber optic and hybrid solutions.

Similarly, for near-patient applications, the electrical cable available in medical industry are biocompatible and lastingly sterilize-able cables, the jackets of which can additionally be given a germ-killing effect. In skin-foam-skin extrusion, the transmission properties of our cables are optimized by means of an extremely stable and consistently structured dielectric. This makes very small diameters possible.

Electrical Cables in Medical Industry 03Electrical Cable Mobility

Ready-to-install cable systems the long-term mobility of the devices. Fitted with a cable reservoir or spring return system, they can reduce the tensile force on individual cables. The electrically and mechanically stable transmission channels for your medical devices. These electrical cables are also used in sensing electrical signals and displaying them on ECG and EKG. These cables are highly mobile and are smaller and lighter than standard PVC product and contain zero halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals.

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