Medical appliances have created the relation for communication of signals from human body to electrical pulses which can then easily be represented in the form of electrical pulses. These electrical pulses can then be represented in graphical representation to have a basic understanding of what the device is trying to convey to machine.

Selection of Electrical CablesElectrical Cables

Selecting the right cable and wire solutions when designing the latest medical devices is paramount to ensuring that your products continue to earn a reputation for quality, reliability, and performance. Our wire, cable, tubing and accessories allow you to create the critical interconnections for signals and power—with the performance you need and the reliability you require. Electrical cables used in medical appliances must be of prime quality because only then it could meet with the efficiency and signal strength that is needed to carry out the medical treatment.

Typical Medical Device AppliancesElectrical Cables 02

Electrical cables have also characterized themselves accordingly to different categories. The medical appliances can be characterized into four major categories.

     1) Diagnostics: Diagnostics deals with the machines that are used to take the diagnostics tests. These Diagnostics machines contain CT Scanners, X-ray Devices, MRI Scanners, and Ultrasound Equipment.

     2) Motorized Equipment’s: Motorized Equipment’s are mainly used for patient comforting. These motorized equipment’s comprises of Motorized Hospital Beds, Dental Chairs, Dental Drills, and Wheelchairs.

   Electrical Cables 03  3) Patient Monitoring: Monitoring patient’s condition require different parameters that are required to be properly monitored for patient’s safe rehabilitation. These Patient Monitoring process require Electroencephalographic (EEG) Equipment, Electrocardiographic (EKG Devices), Pulse Oximeters, Endoscopes, and Laparoscopes.

     4) Surgical and Life Support: Surgical and Life Support works on the basis of robotic machinery which keeps the body parts active with artificial support. These Surgical and Life Support machinery requires Medical Robots, Centrifuges, Anesthesia Apparatus, Respiratory Equipment, Ophthalmological Instruments, Dialysis Apparatus, and Lasik Instruments.

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