Electrical Cables has always been the channel in between either the power or data transmission among the two stations. In terms of power, the transfer of power is provided from the grid to the end user with the help of electrical cables. In terms of data, the high-speed data is provided from the electrical cables supporting a fast, disruptive and seclusion path flow for each of the signal. There is certain electrical cables present which could transmit both the power and the data side by side using the same cable, known as hybrid cable.                      

Electrical CablesWireless Communication

But, what could be said when the communication is done through wireless systems. Obviously, the channel would not be the wireless, supposing the fact that if it contains the same electrical cable network that the other systems had upfront it would never be stated as wireless. However, another important factor that this wireless communication has that it provides a high data transmission rate than the wired communicating channels. This is due to the introduction of fiber electrical cables that are being used in wireless communication systems.

Following are the advantages of fiber cables:

     1) High transmission RateElectrical Cables 02

Electrical Signal transmission through a copper wire transmits from one end with the speed of the electron. In fiber, the signal that is being transmitted is a photon, so it’s basically a comparison between the traveling speed of electron with the traveling the speed of proton. According to the characteristics behavior of electron and proton, the proton travels faster than the electron.

     2) Less attenuation and no electromagnetic interference

Electrical Cables 03In copper wires attenuation is due to the electromagnetic interference of the electric cable. But, in fiber cable, there is no electromagnetic interference because it is a light signal, not an electrical signal. The fiber cable has a glass core in which the light signal undergoes total internal reflection. There is no electromagnetic interference reducing the attenuation factor to none.

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