ECG Medical CablesOur body is a combination of heart and mind. Most of the body act and react on the signals that are generated from the mind. To keep the body running it is essential that heart keeps pumping blood to all the parts of the body. To track and record the electrical activity of the heart over a certain period of time is a process called Electrocardiography also named as ECG. In this process electrodes are placed on the skin will transmit and receive the signals from the heart’s muscle and the machine will draw an electrocardiogram.

ECG Medical Cables 02The electrical impulses picked up from the heart beat is recorded in pairs, which is known as a lead. One end of the ECG medical cable is connected to the ECG machine and the other end is connected to an electrode that attaches the skin easily.

The most compatible ECG medical cables are the ones which are the bestselling medical cables. Such medical cables have standard AHA color codes for easy lead wire attachment. They do have certain features:-      

  • Improved ConnectivityECG Medical Cables 03

Like other electrical cables, one aspect that has to be taken care of is the quality of the cable. These cables must contain solid conductors which do not get molded or softened with time. Every possibility of losing the connection between the cable and the connector is eliminated to enhance the connectivity.

  • Minimized Interference

ECG Medical Cables 04Interference is the main aspect which affects cable sensitivity. The minimization of this interference actually allows a disturbance free electronic pathway. This help to remove any distortion that might occur in the output shown.

  • Easy to clean (Reusability)

ECG Medical Cables 05Dirt increases the resistance and affects the cable durability. That’s why the outer sheath of these cables are kept clean with no crevices to trap dirt.

  • Proper Fit and Function

It is of prime concern that each connector must fit and function correctly. For this, every medical cable undergoes extensive test methodologies to eliminate the chances of inappropriate functioning.

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