In medical field, compromising on the quality of the cables assemblies can completely compromise a surgery. Medical cable assemblies have a greater role to play in the medical industry, providing power and communication to and from the cables to machine is one thing. But providing the control of machine to human is another. Cable assemblies are definitely capable of ending the limitation that arises in machine automation. Efficient medical systems focus at using best possible medical cable assemblies according to their needs.

Medical Handheld Cables

Disposable vs. Reusable Medical CablesThese cable assemblies could be referred to a cable having single, double or multiple number of conductors. Cables for handheld medical lasers likely contain lumen for cooling. Ablating hand piece cables can also contain lumen for irrigation and suction removal.

Medical cable assemblies can easily be categorized in two major classification, Disposable Medical cables and Reusable Medical cables.

  • Disposable Medical Cables

Disposable vs. Reusable Medical Cables 02Disposable medical cables are made from the lowest cost materials that will meet the design needs of the device. Conductor cost is dictated more by the number of strands used to make the conductor. The higher the strand count the more flexible the wire becomes. A marketing trade-off is often made for disposable cables, i.e. increase stiffness can be tolerated by the need to hold cost down.

Insulation and jacket materials in disposable medical cables are chosen by cost. Low-cost materials such as Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or Thermo Plastic Elastomers such as polyurethane are often used

  • Reusable Medical Cables

Disposable vs. Reusable Medical Cables 03Medical cables designed for re-usable devices have to use materials that will withstand several cycles of sterilization by alcohol based agents or autoclaves.

Conductors are made from high strand count conductors for maximum flexibility and often they are made from high strength copper alloys. The size of the conductors is determined by the current they must carry to the device. To withstand the rigours of sterilization, plating’s of tin or silver plating may be required.

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