Custom Cable Demerits. Outsourcing does provide the liberty of working on the specific part of the design but it does have its own demerits. If the outsource company is not professional its takes the reputation of the company’s product. Same is the case with custom cable sometimes if the outsourcing company which is assigning the task has not been clear about the specifications of the design product and its compatibility with the custom cable the company own reputation is at stake.

The uncertainty factor is greater than just buying the custom cables and attaching them right away with the device. Buying and checking the device compatibility with the custom cable lessens the evaluation procedure. Because the evaluating procedure the compatibility of the custom cable does affect the total production time and cost. But this issue occurs only for the very first couple of prototypes, if the design is compatible with the custom cable then the item is just replicated.

Another demerit could be the cost issue if the designing manufacturer of the custom cable is available outside of the nation. An additional cost is attached to the product while traveling from one place to another. This additional cost could contain evaluation visits of designing teams, packing charges of custom cables, loading and unloading charges of custom cables, and then all of the products have to be reevaluated by the company outsourcing the project. To make sure that there is no runtime issue with the design and the custom cable.

Hence, there must be a balance in the cost and quality provided. If that does benefit the production unit and does not affect its producibility and its reputation in any bad way. A chance must always be given to the outsourcing company to prove their skill and professionalism.

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