Cables and wires are the interconnecting channel among the two devices. The distance between these devices could be less or more, depending on its placement and working. Electrical cables have made their mark in channelling power, high-speed data, across the devices, networks and at longer distances leading to transfer power between cities.

Technology advancement affects every technology oriented medium. Either it is schools, medicine, electrical transmission systems. Even our daily life has been absorbed by technology. However, these advancements clearly have increased the demand of cable assemblies. Also, the cables that started manufacturing with a simple pattern become a lot more complex. Innovation leads to complexity, but maintaining the high standards of customized cable assemblies is actually incredible. These cable assemblies are specific applications based upon customer design and print requirements.

Following are some of the customized cable assemblies:

     1) Over moulded cable assemblies

Custom Cable AssembliesOver-molded customized cable assemblies offer 360-degree strain relief, improved pull strength, and flexible support at the cable exit. With the majority of movement between the cable and connector occurring at the cable exit, over moulding improves performance and enhances the cable life. Over-molded breakouts, at any angle or configuration, provide much-needed protection and strain relief. Over-molding will improve the quality, look and feel of your custom moulded cable assembly. Custom shapes, colours, configurations, and even company logos, help reach the highest quality and aesthetic standards.

     2) Medical devices cablesCustom Cable Assemblies 02

Medical customized cable assemblies, connectors, hermetic, and fibre optic products power the equipment that saves lives and improves patient quality of life. Integrated operating rooms, life-sustaining equipment, diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring systems, and RF Ablation systems all depend on Winchester solutions and products.

     3) Military Wire Harnesses

Custom Cable Assemblies 03Includes customized cable and harness fabrication, design, high voltage isolation testing, as well as continuity and capacitance testing. The custom cable assemblies are always designed as per customer specifications.

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