Telecommunication is a field in which the electrical cables must have the ability to transmit high voltage power and high-speed data communication. The use of copper in the telecommunication cables is a clear distinction that copper has the ability to achieve both of the specifications.

Copper telecommunication cable has the tendency for both long and short range communications. Due to that, the growth of copper telecommunication cables has increased due to the number of increase in telephone lines. Copper Cables does have been reduced recently due to the evolution of fiber optics but is still very far from becoming obsolete. However, these copper cables have also evolved from single conductor copper cables to twisted copper wires to that of optical fiber without changing the switching systems.

Copper Telecommunication CablesThere are certain new aspects of copper telecommunication cables as follows.

     1) xDSL Copper Cables

xDSL technology has made possible through multiplexing technology, these copper cables have the ability to transmit twisted wire pairs to carry larger signals and to transmit data at much a higher transmission rate than ordinary copper telecommunication cables.

     2) Underground Copper CablesCopper Telecommunication Cables 02

Underground Copper Cables are basically used in the areas when there is no aerial way to transmit the cables. To counter that, most of the copper cables are usually buried the copper cable and are underground duct cables.

     3) Aerial Copper Cables

Aerial Copper cables are the best way to deliver the telecom cables. Because certain times it does occurs that the telecom copper cables dohave an insulating material to keep it protected from the environment. Copper Telecommunication Cables 03In that case, the ability of the copper cable to withstand the dampness of the soil and to cater the underground installation harshness becomes difficult. Plus it is easier to trace if there is any damage on the aerial cable relevant to the buried copper telecommunication cable.

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