The industrial establishment cannot be attained unless or until a proper power and communication channeling applied to the applications. These industrial cables can be categorized in two major copper industrial cables which could be as follows.

  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Control Cables
  • Fieldbus Cables

The industrial cables offer a comprehensive range of instrumentation and control cables for the industrial market. Every industry is a collaboration of the instrumentation cables and control cables.

The Instrumentation CablesCopper Industrial Cables

The instrumentation cables are majorly used in the provisioning of voice and data services and the collaboration of the applications with the electrical instrumentation and systems. It must have the ability to transmit the data at high-speed. More emphasis in the instrumentation cables is usually towards the fast and quick response towards its monitoring, calculating and measuring equipment.

The Control CablesCopper Industrial Cables 02

 The Control Cables are used to fulfill another purpose which is mainly to provide a control to electrical systems. The control cables help to develop the channel with the electrical systems and the instruments and the electrical equipment. It also helps to integrate the systems and are suitable for installation in cable trays. 

A wide range of solid or stranded conductor, are also available as copper industrial cables. Copper industrial cables also are engineered according to customer standards. The number of cores of the copper industrial cables depends on the power that needs to be transmitted.

For critical systems and applications, a wide range of intrinsically safe industrial cable is available. These industrial cables are manufactured in accordance with the UL instrumentation and control.

The Fieldbus CablesCopper Industrial Cables 03

The Fieldbus cables are one of the primary industrial computer networking cables. This is an essential part of industrial cables because it allows real-time distributed control. It allows the equipment and the industrial application to show the results at runtime. 

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