There are a wide variety of control cables available on the market, however this web site will handiest discuss 3 kinds that are used inside the field of method automation. This entails the use of laptop era and software engineering to help with strength plants and factories efficaciously and competently.

Those 3 Control cables are: CY cables, SY cables and YY cables which might be additionally known as bendy instrumentation cables. They may be designed to be used as interconnecting cable on top of things and sign equipment for measuring, manipulate and law.

These cables are referred to with the aid of various names consisting of; Instrumentation cable, robotic cable, motor cable, multi-Center cable and control cables which describes all three. to confuse things a bit in addition you could also hear these cables known as; screened flexible cable (CY), shielded flex (SY) and unscreened or unshielded manipulate cable (YY).

The primary variations between the 3 cables are:

CY control cables – are used in environments whilst interference-free transmission is needed. CY cables have a multi-middle flex, tinned copper twine braid and a PETP separator. A majority of these additives paintings collectively to defend the cable Control Cablesfrom outside electromagnetic affects and mechanical stress.

SY control cables – the galvanised metal wire braid makes this cable extremely robust and it is in reality the most powerful out of the three manage cables mentioned right here. It additionally gives reliable mechanical protection.

YY control cables – this cable work nicely with light mechanical strain and is perfect to maximum environments. It’s far a very versatile cable and may be used outdoor whilst included and additionally works properly in dry and wet conditions internal.


Widely applicable Suitable for use in dry, humid and wet rooms. Outdoor use only with UV-protection, no laying underground.
Highly flexible ASP cables are especially developed for use in drag chains and therefore offer maximum flexibility. Bending radius of up to 5x outer diameter is possible *)
Compact design Relatively small outer diameter and low weight; this often results in smaller chain sizes compared with other cables
Solid construction Fitted with a protection shield between the cores and outer sheath
Temperature range *) Operational temperature -30/+80 °C (fixed); 
Operational temperature -5/+70 °C (moved)
Conductor temperature max. 70 °C in operation.
Chemical resistance Largely resistant to acids, bases and usual oils
Wide range of types There is a wide range of cable types available, covering almost every demand. Both without or with copper shielded cores (see picture)

Tested with 4 kV Voltage

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