Connection CablesFor the needs of laboratory system there’s a extensive range of modern merchandise: silicone cables, featured via high-temperature resistance as much as +250°c with simultaneous excessive-bendy performance. Connection cables designed for everlasting motion at the devices door. Steam-tight variations are feasible in addition to autoclave able connection cables, regardless of international requirements. Some of them are in the following:

Torsion cable

Torsion able facts and manage cables are designed for packages as connection cables in numerous industrial regions, e.g. creation of commercial robots or flora in addition to device production. those cables are appropriate for medium mechanical stress, especially abrasive and scrubbing stress, for constantly flexible torsion strain with, on the identical time, constantly flexible bending stress at free motion with none tensile load. Torsion able facts and manage cables can be used anyplace due to the construction the application of cable tracks is not possible, additionally relevant in dry, moist, and damp rooms, in ex-proofed regions as well as at low temperatures.

Silicon cable

Silicone cables are characterized by means of their excessive temperature resistance up to + 250°c mixed with permanent flexibility. Because of the reticulated molecular shape hold their unique shape despite temperature have an impact on. Silicone cables are halogen-free connection cable. Furthermore, it’s miles the only material on silicium basis handled with the aid of us with which the preservation of characteristic in case of hearth may be reached. Silicone cables are as an instance utilized in steel works, rolling turbines and foundries for the inner wiring of lamps or in glass and ceramic remedy.

Coaxial cable

Exemplary programs of the coaxial cables are excessive broadband transmission telecommunication e. g. cellular phones and industrial conversation.

RG 179 FEP is a high temperature coaxial cable with a top notch resistance to chemical compounds and solvents. This coaxial cable is appropriate for attenuation negative and distortion less transmission of alerts referring to RG 179 (seventy five ω impedance). It’s far suitable for a huge band transmission.

RG 316 FEP is a FEP insulated coaxial cable with TPE outer jacket acc. to RG 316 (50 ω impedance). The TPE outer sheath is especially used where plugs are tight encapsulated in a connection cable.

Flexible cable track cables

Flexible cables for cable tracks are especially designed to be used with high reversed bending pressure as for instance in manufacturing traces, excessive rack storage regions or pacing machines. They show an excellent sturdiness with very small bending radius.

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