Coil CablesThe revolution that electronics has created in the medical field is truly exceptional. It has provided medical field a luxury to be more precise and to measure and record the data digitally with maximum precision. The medical applications are using different electrical cables depending upon the data transmission rate and the surrounding in which they are being used. Prime factor that matters the most when it comes to the medical field is actually that how these cables can work accurately and merge itself completely in its surrounding.

Cabling worth in medical field

Coil Cables 02In the medical field, the actual worth of the cable is not that how it actually transmit data and its specifications. It main prospect is that how does it merge with the surrounding and how many users friendly it can be. The more user-friendly the cable is, the more successful it becomes in the medical applications. Talking about user-friendly cables how can one skip the used of coil cables in the medical field. Coil cables are flexible when it comes to their structure. It is tensile and has the ability to be compressed and expand much greater than its specified length.

Coil Cables 03Another important feature that the coil cables provides is that there is no specific need of having custom lengths, diameters, small or large quantities due to which most of these cables are already customized cables. They are compatible with almost all of such applications either in the medical field or any other field that needs to transmit data using flexible coil cable.

Testing criteria for coil cables

Following are some of the very important tests which are done before selling the coil cables.

     1) Electronically testing the cable at high voltage.

     2) Measuring its diameter and length and comparing it with the given specification.

     3) Hanging weight with the cable to measure the increase in its length. Increasing the weight and observe its electronically and physical length changes.

     4) Flex test- Running the cable under 10,800 cycles while electronically testing it.

     5) Hyperextend and release to test its tensile strength.

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