coaxial-wiresA coax wire or coaxial wire, is a heavy duty used for various types of residential or commercial purposes. Coaxial wire is a type of wire that has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a layer of tubular conducting shield that is one way to put it. A two conductor electrical wire consisting of a center and an outer conductor with a layer of insulation separating both of them. Coaxial wires are primarily used for the transmission of radio frequency. They are flexible and can run through a wide variety of spaces to deliver quality digital signal. There are two values of impedance in coaxial wires 50 ohms and 75 ohms each determine for its specific purpose, 50 ohms is used in data signaling and 75 ohms is used in video signal application. They can carry digital signals for internet connections, wire television and other technology.

There are servals types of coaxial wires differs from each other and used for different purposes. Hard line coaxial wire are often used for high signal strength applications, as with radio transmitters or other devices. Hard line wires are more than half an inch thick, a variety of products are available in the market each of them varies each other in their properties and capacities. Another type of coaxial wire is RG-6 the most familiar coaxial wire, used for relaying wire TV and other signals, RG is stands for “radio guide” and references the capacity of the wire. RG-6 is the desirable wire for today’s home and commercial entertainment systems. RG-6 comes in several varieties, some of which have more waterproofing for underwater or moisture prone areas of installation. As it is mention there are variety of coaxial wires, Semi-Rigid coaxial wire is also consider as one, this wire is harder because it has a harder shielding metal and therefore it is less flexible maybe useful in situations where wires do not have to curve around obstacles. wire with a third layer of shielding, insulation and sheathing is known as Tri Axial wire. This extra strength wire has an additional layer of shield to discourage electromagnetic interference this most useful place for this wire is where wire may be vulnerable to high strength electromagnetic forces. The last type of coaxial wire is Twin Axial wire, this type is a balanced, twisted pair with a cylindrical shield. This is another alternative to conventional coaxial wires, it allows a nearly perfect differential signals which is both shielded and balanced to pass through multi-conductor coaxial wire is also sometimes used.

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