A coaxial electrical cable is a thin cable having an outer plastic covering with woven copper shield, inner di-electric insulator and copper core.  It carries lower frequency signals and is used in both residential and commercial purposes. As it carries low frequency signals, constant spacing in conductor is done precisely so that it can function efficiently as a transmission line. Coaxial electrical cables can be installed near to the metal without any power losses as occurs in other transmission lines cause of the electromagnetic field which carries the signals only exist between inner and outer conductors. If on one hand it’s having an advantage, on the other hand it have some issues like:

  • Signal leakage.coaxial-electrical-cable
  • Ground loops.
  • Noise Effect
  • Common mode current
  • Internal Breakage
  • Moisture Effect

Signal Leakage: It’s a passage of electromagnetic field through the coaxial electrical cable shield and it can be in both of the directions, like the noise and disruption of the desired signal is caused by ingress which is the passage of outside signal into the cable. These leakages most often occurs due to the improper installment of connectors or the fault in the strength of the cable shield.

Ground Loop: This issue is created by the continuous current along the imperfect shield of the coaxial cable even if small which causes audible interference and visual distortion in the picture. This effect can be reduced by proper bonding of the potential difference to a common ground at the house.

Noise Effect: Noise produce some inductance on the outer wall of the coaxial electrical cable so as the outer conductor carries reference potential for the inner wall, the voltage measure sometime goes wrong.

Common mode current: This type of current occurs when stray current goes in the direction of same current going towards central conductor, which provokes cables to radiate.

Internal Breakage: Coaxial cable’s toughness makes them easily breakable, which is the most vulnerable issue directly effects its efficiency, as well as user don’t even know that from where the cable is broken.

Moisture Effect: This issue can be illustrated on large scale, water has always adverse effects on devices, cables, and etc. Moisture can enter the cable through many ways like, from cable termination or cable jacket.

However coaxial electrical cables are the state of art but every story has some dark chapters so as cables have too. But as the issues are exposing engineers are making these cables more appropriate, resolving the issues, upgradation of coaxial electrical cables are sustaining there efficiency nowadays.

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