An electronic connector, DIN connector was originally standardize in early 1970s by German national standards organization. DIN standards are available for a great number of diverse connectors in the market, so the word “DIN connector” alone does not unmistakably identify any specific type of connector without the document number of the significant DIN standard is added (e.g., “DIN 43650 connector”). Some of DIN connector standards are mentioned below:

  • DIN 41524 Connector: For circular connectors frequently used for audio signals.
  • DIN 41612 Connector: Rectangular connectors mainly used to connect plugin cards to the back plane or a Mother-Board.
  • DIN 41652 Connector: D Subminiatureconnectors purely used for video and computer data.

Circular DIN ConnectorFor the context of consumer electronics, the word “DIN connector” usually denotes to a member of the family of circular connectors which were originally standardized by the DIN for analog audio signals. Roughly all of these connectors have likewise been used in the analog video applications, for power delivery and for digital interfaces i.e., MIDI and IBM AT computer keyboard (later PS-2 connectors for the keyboard and for mouse, are Mini-DIN connectors). Original DIN standards for such connectors are no longer in use and have been substituted with an equivalent international standard called IEC 60130-9. Figure shows different DIN Connectors.


  • SYNC or MIDI interfaces are used for musical electronic instruments.
  • Peripherals and power connectors are used for personal computers.
  • Audio and Sound in the original (HME) wireless communicators; it is the headset connector for transmission and reception, Inbound and Outbound audio for Drive through Restaurants.
  • Controlling tilting of the UMTS Antennas.
  • For connecting two or more controllers for radio controlled model aircrafts together for some training purposes.
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