In today’s industrial environments, being mindful of the water, oils and other chemicals that come into contact with your cable can give you an advantage in choosing the right product with the longest survival. A cable’s jacket can swell, crack or harden after exposure to chemicals and can even wick the fluids into the cable itself.

Characteristics of Chemical-Resistant Cables

When you need a tough cable that is able to withstand corrosive chemicals and high temperatures, you must look for chemical resistant cables. These cables contain fluoropolymer jacket and insulation which can stand up to harsh chemicals, high heat and even extreme cold. The temperature ranges for these heat cables are up to 200°C.

Chemical resistant cables comes in a full selection of sizes that highlight the reduced diameter design that allows the heating cable to fit in small spaces. The fluoropolymer jacket also provides excellent protection from abrasion and makes the product easy to pull through conduit. Choosing the right heat tracing cable for high-heat environments reduces unnecessary replacements and avoids downtime.

Following are some of the most important chemical resistant cables used in the market.

  • Shielded CablesChemical Resistant Cables

This type of chemical-resistant cable provide a wide range of protection, rated up to 200°C and remaining flexible down to -60°C. With a shielded multi-conductor cable you get excellent chemical resistance and excellent service when exposed to extremely harsh chemicals.

  • Unshielded CablesChemical Resistant Cables 02

When describing unshielded cable, two categories typically are discussed:
1) unshielded with respect to protection against electrical noise due to RF or EMI interference or
2) unshielded with respect to protection against electrical stress due to medium or high voltage potentials.

  • Antimicrobial CablesChemical Resistant Cables 03

The presence of heat, moisture and organic materials in food processing plants create an ideal environment for bacteria, fungus and mould to grow on equipment. Stringent cleaning requirements are daily rituals in the food and beverage industry. Antimicrobial technology adds another level of protection with its built-in antimicrobial jacket. If a cable fails a visual inspection, the downtime can cost a facility thousands of dollars in lost production.

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