In medical technology the reliability of all components is a particularly crucial factor – in intensive care units, for instance, human life often depends directly on the performance of the connected medical equipment. Proper measurement and a proper dispatching of the signal from the receiver to the transmitter is essential to develop a proper communication channel between the devices attached to the examining patients.

Cables and ConnectorsIn the phenomenon because the transmission of signals heavily depends on electrical cables. But the connectors and jumpers that establishes the connection are of same importance. Especially in medical field, where the chances of error can totally generate an interpretation of signal which is opposite to the data signal send and then a life comes on stake.

Cables and Connectors need to be in their prime condition which should be ideal for use with medical electronic equipment, including diagnostic devices, surgical instruments, therapy applications, dental applications, cardiac assist devices, and disposable equipment.

Following are the medical cables and connectors which are frequently used.

     1) Custom AssemblesCables and Connectors 02

Every device needs special technical specifications meet when it comes to function perfectly. Customized Assemblies and cables are used abundantly in this genre to overcome the professional needs. Which is why the engineering team is commonly asked to help design manufacture custom medical assemblies.

     2) Customized Cables

 An amazingly wide variety of custom medical cables are available.  Take advantage of our expertise in materials, injection molding, insert molding, assembly and testing to ensure a successful outcome to your project. Affinity cables are used in virtually every area of medical monitoring and diagnostics and are known for high quality and ruggedness.

     3) Medical ConnectorsCables and Connectors 03

Medical Connectors are vital parts to the medical device industry. It is extensively used in areas where integrity and reliability is essential to the well-being of a patient. It facilitates medical trends toward less invasive procedures, disposable components, embedded electronics, high cycle life, and sterilization. It has many different connectors which are frequently used e.g. hyper-grip, D series, L series etc.

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