‘Terminology’ is a word that provides a study of the terms of any technical application. The technicality that is behind the natural phenomenon, a theory behind the formation of an electronic application. Cable terminology from the word depicts that it is a collaborative study of its formation, technicality behind its manufacturing process and the theory behind the types of cable which are being produced. A comprehensive analysis can help to subject these massive details. Some of the paramount cable terminologies will be discussed as follows: –

  • Conductor

The conductor used in the manufacturing of a cable is of utmost importance. The conductor actually lays the formation of the capacity and the capability of the wire. Aluminum and Copper are used the most in the construction of electrical cables.

  • Insulation

After the conductor, the insulation on the conductor is very important. Whenever current passes through a conductor, electromagnetic waves are produced. In the similar fashion, insulation helps the signal to pass through the conductor from the transferring end to the receiving end with minimum attenuation. Multiple conductors require multiple insulations because it is essential that there is no interference among the conductors.

  • Beddingcable-terminology

The inner sheath among the conductors is added just to make sure that its shape remains circular. This bedding also fits the conductor properly inside of the external insulation. 

  • Armor

In order to avoid the cable from any damages, armor is placed on it. It helps the cable to remain protected from any penetration caused by any sharp object. It is an important factor of the cable terminology and most of the cables use aluminum wire armor.

  • Outer Sheath

The outer sheath is the final and important factor of cable terminology. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the material used for the outer sheath of the cables. It is cheap and provides excellent durability because of its heat absorbing capability and its tensile stress. 


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