Cable Routing SystemHealthcare systems that are used near the patients must remain free from the mess created by improper cabling. In order to allow a continuous and safe transmission of electrical signals to the machines, it is important that a proper cable routing system should be placed. A cable routing systems for medical devices and systems integrate a wide variety of functions in the most intelligent way: Adjustable length dress packs carried in tubes or housings ensure excellent flexibility and sterility for robots or carrier arm cabling.

Cable Routing System 02Cable Routing System is designed to route and manage copper data cables, fiber optic cables, and power cables within data centers, connected buildings, and industrial automation applications. Innovative features provide quick, easy assembly that reduces installation time to half that of typical wire basket or ladder rack systems, thus minimizing installation costs.  In order to make sure that these cables will remain fully stable and function properly in its maximum capacity, these cables are subjected to go through important tests. Extreme stress tests are conducted on the cables which are apt to be used in cable routing system being planted in the medical environment. The long-lasting mobility of our cables and cable systems is tested in various processes in order to prove their long service life.

Cable Stability Testing

Cable Routing System 03Following are the chronological tests which are conducted to check the quality of the cables.

     1) Drag Chain Tests

     2) Torsional Stress Tests

     3) Bending Tests

     4) Flame Tests

     5) Media Resistant Tests

Benefits of Cable Routing

  • A reliable, long-lasting and sterile connection for your product functions routed through tubes or housings with length adjustment or drag chain setup for various travel speeds and frequencies
  • Compliance with VDE standards, AWM styles, and UL-approved components
  • Fast, simple and secure installation and long-lasting functioning thanks to connection-ready cable routing systems
  • Reduced installation volume and weight
  • Fast availability of small, medium and large batches
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