Cable performance can only be checked by testing the performance of important parameters. The cable’s quality, endurance and its behavior regarding its surroundings is thoroughly tested. Some of these tests could be classified into the following categories.

  • Type Testscable-performance

The tests that determine the classification of the type of the cable are named as type tests. The major concern of type testing starts with the tests on a conductor. Physical tests for insulation and outer sheath check, heat deformation check, shrinkage check is also taken into consideration.     

  • Acceptance Tests

To make the product acceptable in the market an acceptance test is taken. Annealing test for copper and tensile test for aluminum is taken into consideration. Both conductor and insulation tests are taken in this category of tests. High voltage test at room temperature and at high temperature are also taken to test cable performance.

  • Routine Tests

These tests are part of the manufacturing process to check that either the cables are meeting to its requirements or not. Cable performance is actually checked and enhanced by using the data collected through these routine tests. Conductor, insulation, and even armor resistance tests are taken to test cable performance in different scenarios. 

  • Optional Tests

cable-performance-02These tests are dependable on the purchaser and the receiver end. It occurs only if there is some need of clarification among the specification of cables. Most of the optional tests are used to check the performance of cables according to different installation places. In cold bend test, the temperature is reduced to a certain level e.g. 75 k and its effects are then observed on the mechanical and electrical components of the cable performance. The samples of wires are placed in liquid nitrogen and then their behavior is checked. These tests are optional and are only taken if the cable is going to be subjected into a certain surrounding that will contain such climate changes.  


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