Cable Jacket MaterialMedical electronics means the advancements in medical field using electronics applications. Such electronics cables/equipment needs to be compatible with the patient and its working environment. An environment friendly electronic application allows extra advantage to doctors for completing the medical treatments.

Biocompatibility: Medical Electronics

Biocompatibility is ultimately a function of a completed device including all of its components, assembly processes and overall design. However, thoughtful material selection will help contribute to a product’s overall biocompatibility. When design engineers speak of biocompatibility they are referring to how a device interacts with bodily tissues. The goal of biocompatibility is to prevent damage to organs and cells. The material used to make the cable jacket should prevent toxic damage.

Cable Jacket Material 02Biocompatibility Standards and Testing

Testing for biocompatibility is a systematic process that aims to evaluate a medical device’s biological safety so that risk damage to the human body can be prevented. Such testing can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. Medical device designers have been aided by guidelines that specify what to look for and how to test.

Beyond Biocompatibility

In addition to biocompatibility, other issues require attention is selecting cable jacket material. For example, sterilization methods can degrade jacket material. Therefore, design engineers should consider the kind of sterilization protocols to be used early in the design process, then reconfirmed them as the product moves through prototype and qualification steps.

Cable JacketsCable Jacket Material 03

Cable jackets must meet biocompatibility and environmental regulatory expectations, and must also maintain those characteristics after repeated sterilization. The ability of any material to endure sterilization processing is a function of polymer type and grade, crystallinity, molded stresses thickness and even packaging. Furthermore, each sterilization process itself includes variables that may affect material stability. A large number of cable jacket materials are tested for irritation, sensitivity and cytotoxicity.

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