Cable harness is a series of cables or wires that are aligned together in a way to provide effective transfer of electrical signals. Cables are bound together with straps, cable lacing and electrical tape or cable ties.  The number of cables included in the harness will depend upon purpose of wiring and the amount of current or data that is to be transmitted in order to complete essential tasks. Most commonly used in automobiles and construction machinery. It is preferred over loose wires because mostly automobiles, aircraft and spacecraft contain a mass of wires with several kilometers length if extended fully. By placing those in bundle a lot of space is saved and troubleshoot become easy. Cable assemblies and cable harness are often considered for being the similar things. But the fact is, both are used in completely different scenarios and have some differences.

Cable HarnessCable harnesses is a simple exterior sheath that covers some wires or cables. It is made up of thermoset or thermoplastic material which protects the wires from bad environment. If a damage occur to a single wire, it can be open and repair. It is a low cost electrical solution which is suitable for keeping electrical systems organized. They aren’t usually able to protect the wires from inside friction, temperature swings, or other factors that could cause damage to the wires, because it is a low cost organizational tool.

Cable Harness 02Cable assemblies are a group of wires or cables covered by heavy duty materials, including shrink wrapped thermoplastic, thermoplastic rubber, or vinyl. It performs similar function to cable harnesses, which include keeping wires and cables organized and are designed for entirely different environments. Cable assemblies are made according to some environmental factors i.e. area size, where it is being used and other environmental factors likely to encounter. Due to this reason, cable assemblies come in various shapes, size, and are built to protect the cables and wires from heat, friction, and other electrical interference losses.

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