Especially within the lightning industry cables that withstand excessive and fluctuating ambient temperatures as much as +180°C are wished. Those are mainly used for the internal wiring of lamps, surgical lights and devices in addition to for the wiring of switch and distribution boards with low mechanical pressure.

Cable for surgical lights

PUR torsion cables

The maximum essential mechanical characteristics of our PUR torsion cables are: high tensile power, tearing resistance, notch and abrasion resistance, resistance to opposite bending strain YAS properly as c antique flexibility. Also inside the discipline of chemical resistance PUR indicates an awful lot higher values as different cloth (as an instance rubber or percent) below same conditions. The awesome chemical traits are: superb resistance against mineral oils, exact resistance in opposition to alcohol -unfastened benzines; garage in water and in opposition to a number of solvents.

PVC torsion cables

Because of its construction PVC is a flame resistant material. To EN 60332-1-2 (IEC 60332-1-2), UL VW 1, CSA ft1 and ft2.  Although in case of hearth halogens are launched which are a danger for humans, nature, buildings and machines and surgical lights. Furthermore, PVC manage and statistics cables are not appropriate for the laying out of doors.

Silicone dual cable

Dual cable can be used for programs in smelters, steelworks and hot-rolling mills, in cement, glass and ceramic factories or for the internal wiring of lamps, surgical lights and heating appliances.

Silicone single conductor

Silicone ignition cables and silicone excessive-voltage ignition cables are suitable for the utility with high or varying ambient temperatures as much as +180°c. they may be as an instance utilized in thermos and technique method,  engine production, heat technique, degusting systems, ventilator and electric heating creation, in lamp enterprise in addition to in refrigeration and air con approach.  besilen insulated wires and strands are used with excessive ambient temperatures specifically for the internal wiring of lamps, surgical lights and home equipment as well as for the wiring of switchboards and vendors with low mechanical strain.

Silicone low-voltage connection cable

Silicone connection cable for low-voltage lamps, surgical lights, connection among transformer and halogen lamp.

Silicone sheathed cables

Sheathed cables are appropriate for programs with high ambient temperatures in dry, damp and moist rooms in addition to for outdoor use; as bendy connection cable with low mechanical strain. The mechanical load capacity can be superior by means of the use of a metallic cord armouring, a fibre-glass braiding or an inner sheath. The EMC traits can be advanced by means of use of a general copper display screen. If those cables are used for constant installation, they’re handiest allowed to be installed in ventilated tube systems or conduits.