Cable Configuration actually is a combination of cable elements. These different elements of a cable form essential parts of cable configuration. To configure a cable according to the requirements of its application it is essential to configure its elements first. Following are the elements discussed as follows.

     1)  Conductor

Conductor is the material which helps the electrical current to pass through the cable. It is made up of copper or aluminum with a specific cross-sectional area which dictates its assigned rating, resistance and its electrical limitations.

     2)  Electrical InsulationCable Configuration

Insulation provides the separation of electrical conductors from one another inside a cable. The insulation is a very essential part of cable configuration because it uses various insulating types. It is also termed as core. The core could be in the form of strands. 

     3)  Bedding

Another important factor that plays a very vital role in cable configuration is the inner sheath also called as bedding. Its first concern is that it ensures the shape is as circular as it could be.

     4)  ArmourCable Configuration 02

The next step to define cable configuration is an outer layer covering the bedding of the cable. It helps to protect the cable from any penetration by sharp objects. It is also applied on the insulation of single or multiple core just for the cause of protection.

     5)  Outer SheathCable Configuration 03

Following the armour the next step is to cover the protection with outer sheath. The intent of this covering makes the armour more protected. PVC is a common material that is used for outside armoring in the process of cable configuration. There is neither any electrical interaction nor any electrical function assigned to the outer sheath. It is normally black in colour.

Cable are being configured on the basis of their classifications as well. It depends on their voltage ratings, conductor type, insulation, armoring, sheathing, number of cores, and its cross-sectional area.

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