Cable pre-molding, sometimes associated with potting or encapsulation, is used to shield the termination points from the surrounding environment.  Pre-molding involves the application of a material around the back section of a connector where the termination points are located.

The material used for the pre-mold fully encapsulates the individual conductors, the termination area, and the cable into a single solid mass and protects the termination area from moisture, corrosive agents, dust, impurities, vibrations, and impact damage. The following figure shows transmission of pre-molded rubber cable assembly.Cable Assembly Pre Molding

Advantages of Pre Molding

Pre-molded cable assemblies or encapsulated areas which provide a substantial connection between the components of the assembly while efficiently sealing the terminations. The sealing of the termination point seizures the contacts and does not allow them to back out or dis-engage from the connector housing, providing for electrically reliable connections throughout the expected service life of the component, increasing the life span of the component.

The cable assembly pre-mold also provides a surface to apply metallic coated tapes for full EMI shielding if necessary and to act as a base for an over molded cable assembly for additional protection and cosmetics.

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