Cable Assembly Cost Reduction

A fundamental component in numerous applications and industries is customized designed project with low cost, keeping the view of budget and achieve optimum solution. Designing a cable assembly that meets the demands of an application both environmentally and electrically, can be a challenging task.

Factors of Cost Reduction

The very first thing to consider the task is, to look at specification for entire assembly which needs to be done and other is detailed BOM listing the components of the assembly. These are starting point for any project to save some budget, few tips are discussed below:

  • Raw material i.e. labels, connectors, shrink tubes, etc. are typically ordered in bulk by the assembly manufacturer, then it has to understand the best possible combination of raw materials that will support the assembly’s performance. That leads to high time and money expenditure.
  • Different categories of connectors are being offered to be used incable assemblies. Now, how connectors will be installed in the assembly, either crimped or hand soldered, it will impact great on the budget. Before choosing the connector, well understand the transmission characteristics for which the assembly is required to be handled. This will allow to choose the precise connector as a result cost will be reduced.
  • Most of the time, without proper knowledge costly wire is used, which may not actually be necessary, are used to make cable assemblies. Wiring is chosen based on the certifications it follows to (i.e. UL, CSA, AWM, etc.). By ensuring the certification for the application is that is best, will help to find the right wires, and therefore, create a certain amount of cost savings.
  • The smaller the size of connector, less costly it will be. But keep in mind that, small size should not affect on the transmission of electricity. Also, the conductor strands should be chosen keeping the view of needs of the application. The number can be small but should meet the requirement of the application. Largely cost will reduced by knowing these parameters.
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