Electrical Systems are all about transferring electrical signals. Cable Assembling provides an electronic path for transferring these signals. However, every cable assembly has different parameters, characteristics, and capabilities. Choosing the proper components for your cable assembly is quite essential for its proper usage.  

Following are some of the parameters to look for:

  • Types of conductors: – Cable assembly characteristics depends on the conductors used in its construction. Transmission of high voltage is done using cable assembly supporting high conductivity. E.g. Copper, but for high-speed signal transmission the conductors used are mostly Aluminum.
  • Insulation: – Insulation for every cable assembly is related to two major factors. One of the prime factors is the temperature of the conducting wire. Different materials support different temperature ranges. The secondary is the signal speed that the cable assembly has to carry. For very high signal transmission, a process named “forming”is used.  It creates small packets of spaces between the wire and the insulation so that the insulation does not add resistance to the movement of current (electrical signals).
  • cable-assemblyFlexibility/Bending: – The electromagnetic nature of the conductor produces noise. To eradicate this noise factor, the cable assembly is composed of insulated twisted wires which cancel the noise and make the cable assembly prone to flexibility and bending. 
  • Shielding: – To further reduce the electromagnetic effect, which is produced when a current pass through the conductor. Different cable assembly has different shielding. In single conductor cable, a thick plastic shielding covers the conductor and in twisted cable assembly an aluminum foil covers the wires.      
  • Outer covering: – The outer layer of the cable assembly usually needs to be soft that it allows the wire to remain flexible. But it should be strong enough to deal with temperature, moisture, water and dust. Mostly, PVC plastic is used for the outer covering as it sets on all the requirements quite effectively and cheaply.
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